WP07 - Dissemination and Communication


  • To ensure effective communication of the research results and any key events for the lifetime of the project to the investigators and study personnel.
  • Guarantee that all participants in the clinical trials and their caregivers are kept up-to-date on the research and that the findings are communicated to them on a continuous basis and in a jargon free format.
  • To provide access to information about the research and findings (where appropriate) to interested parties such as clinical networks across Europe working in Alzheimer’s disease and European Alzheimer Disease Consortium.
  • To plan and publish the findings of the research study in high impact peer reviewed scientific journals.
  • To present the research results to relevant international audiences, policy makers and stakeholders.
  • Submit regular press release on key events or results around the research, to help increase the awareness around funded medical research and how the results and discoveries can affect quality of life.

Workpackage Description

Work Package 07 manages the dissemination & communication of information relating to the NILVAD study. Work Package 07 partners include Trinity College Dublin, Alzheimer Europe, GABO:mi and Newsweaver as the work package lead partner.

Effective dissemination of information relating to the study among the study partners, the wider scientific community and the community in general will significantly contribute to the success of the study and the impact it will have on related health issues.

Information will be disseminated to the following audiences during the lifetime of the study:

1. Internal communications among the study partners

WP07 will establish communications processes to facilitate discussion among the study partners and ensure up to date information relating to the study is disseminated to the appropriate study partners.

2. Participants in the clinical trail and their caregivers

WP07 will prepare regular updates on the study research and latest findings for clinical participant and their caregivers in a jargon free format. This will be in available in the main languages used by clinical participants and will be distributed to participants through local clinics.

3. Wider scientific community

Research findings will be submitted for publication in high impact peer reviewed scientific journals by scientific study partners. This will encourage collaborative research at European and International level and increase visibility of the research across the scientific community. WP07 will track submissions to monitor NILVAD’s compliance with this FP7 funding obligation.

4. Policy makers and influencers

NILVAD study personnel will present research results at conferences on Alzheimer’s Disease and other related diseases to relevant international audiences of policy makers and stakeholders. The objective is to promote the translation of research output into clinical practice to advance global health of AD patients. WP07 will record these presentations to monitor and publish NILVAD’s activity in this area.

5. General public and interested parties

WP07 will prepare electronic and printed brochures describing the study objectives and progress. This will be available on request to any interested parties. In addition to this, WP07 will also issue press releases on key study findings and events to ensure the wider community is informed about the study and how funding can impact research into health issues.

WP Leader

Newsweaver (Mr. Bernard Kelleher)