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University of Szeged
Dugonics square 13
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Project Leader

Prof. Janos Kalman

Prof. János Kálmán
Phone: +36 62 490 590/300



Project Staff

Dr. Magdolna Pákáski
Senior research associate
Phone: +63 62 490 590/466 or /493

Mr. János Kovács
Resident physician
Phone: +36 62 490 590/313

Ms. Erzsébet Maglóczky
Study Nurse
Phone: +36 62 490 590/461

Ms. Gábor Borbás
Study Nurse
Phone: +36 62 490 590/311

Dr. Péter Balász
Trial Monitor
Phone: +366 1 202 4705

Institute Presentation

The Department of Psychiatry, University of Szeged, Hungary is providing in- and outpatient care for patients (including Alzheimer’s dementia /AD/ cases) from Csongrád county (240.000 habitants). The department has 81 beds for acute cases, 25 chronic beds and 47 beds for rehabilitation purposes.

The local memory clinic was started 15 years ago and has been providing care for more than 600 dementia patients and families. The proportion of recognised AD patients is 6% in our county, two times more than the national figures.

The local diagnostic workup of AD is in agreement with the national and international protocols. Beside the cognitive profiling with MMSE, CDT, ADAS-Cog tests, cerebrospinal fluid BAP/tau ratio is determined together with neuroimaging to achieve the proper clinical dementia diagnosis.

The memory clinic has been participated regularly in phase II-III clinical trials in the last ten years. The clinical investigators’ are specialised psychiatrist and neurologist.

Beside the clinical work, under- and postgraduate teaching and preclinical research activity is in our interest. We are exploring experimental stress associated conditions leading to cytoskeletal and synaptic alterations by means of proteomic and genomic methods. Ph.D and medical students are involved in this research activity. Our clinical team is currently involved in the development of novel screening approaches for early recognition of preclinical stages of AD.

Our team has more than 200 AD related scientific publications with a 201 cumulative impact factor and 1000 citations.

The Department has a direct relationship with the local AD association since Prof. János Kálmán is the chairman of the Hungarian Alzheimer’s Society and we have a principal role in the biannual organisation of national AD congresses and in the education of other dementia centres in Hungary.

Group of Prof. Kálmán
Group of Prof. Kálmán