Centre Hospitalier Regionale et Universitaire de Lille

Centre Hospitalier Regionale et Universitaire de Lille

Centre Hospitalier Regionale et Universitaire de Lille
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Project Leader

Prof. Florence Pasquier

Prof. Pasquier Florence
Phone: +33 3 2044 5785
Fax: +33 3 2044 6022



Project Staff Lille

Dr. Marianne Mackowiak

Dr. Stéphanie Bombois

Dr. Pascaline Cassagnaud

Mr. Xavier Delbeuck

Mrs. Violette Sorel

Mrs. Laetitia Breuilj
Clinical Research Assistant

Mrs. Julie Bellet
Clinical Research Assistant

Mrs. Florence Amoussou
French Trial Monitor

phone: +33 3 20 44 41 45


Clinical Manager Recruitment Sites

Prof. Olivier Godefroy
CHU Amiens

Dr. Vincent De la Sayette
CHU Caen

Dr. Olivier Dereeper
CH Calais

Dr Olivier Senechal
CH Lens

Dr. Gauthier Calais
CH Saint Philibert

Dr. Isabelle Lavenu
CH Béthune

Institute Presentation

Created in 1991, as part of the Neurology department of Lille University Hospital, the Memory Research and Resources Centre (MRRC) is headed by Pr Florence Pasquier. It consists of a multidisciplinary consultation and day hospital (7 beds) open 5 days/week. In addition 2 secure beds in the neurology ward are dedicated to patients with dementia and delirium. It has an advanced memory clinic in Bailleul in a nursing home partly dedicated to young patients and patients with severe behavioural troubles. The consultation has an active line of about 3000 patients.

It develops translational research and is currently involved in 20 academic clinical trials and 12 clinical trials (phase 2 or 3) of innovative treatments or new radiotracers sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

The MRRC develops specific research projects on the relationships between Alzheimer Disease (AD) and vascular pathology, which study the clinical consequences of the combination of vascular and degenerative disease, including at a neuropathological level. It notably showed that in patients with mild cognitive impairment, vascular subcortical hyperintensities predict conversion to vascular dementia with prominent executive dysfunction; and that AD patients with untreated vascular risk factors had a higher cognitive decline that those without or treated vascular risk factors. It is currently conducting a national multicenter prospective study on the impact of controlling vascular risk factors on the progression of Alzheimer's disease (COVARAD: ClinicalTrials.gov registration 2009-A00269-48). This research group also studies the cognitive consequences of cerebrovascular lesions especially the determinants of post stroke dementia, as well as the impact of pre-existing dementia or cognitive decline on stroke. The MRRC participates in the Strokedem project and Strokavenir, a database of clinical biological imaging and therapeutic characteristics of patients with stroke followed-up over a 8-year period evaluating especially cognitive decline.

The Lille MCCR is concerned by early and accurate etiological (differential) diagnoses of cognitive decline. It uses multidisciplinary tools and competences: in neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, CSF biomarkers, structural and molecular imaging. The comprehensive technical support in the same site includes: a biological platform, a neurophysiology platform (EEG, ERPs , EMG, TMS , Sleep recording…) a 1.5 T and a research 3T MRI machines, a CT scan, a PET and a SPECT camera and hopefully a 7T MRI and a PET-MRI enabling simultaneous acquisition of multimodal sequences, functional and activation studies.

The Lille MCRR is internationally-renowned for its expertise in clinical diagnosis of AD and non-AD dementias, and in clinical-neuropathological comparison. It participated in diagnostic criteria setting, in validation of new scales and tools. It was a member of the international network of the CERAD, and it is a founding member of the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC). It coordinates the French reference center for young onset dementia, and is part of the LABEX (LABoratory of EXcellence) DISTALZ (Development of Innnovative Strategies for a Transdisciplinary approach to ALZheimer’s disease). The Lille MCCR authored or co-authored more than 100 articles in peer-reviewed journals since 2005.